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A curious boy wants to prove to his parents a monster lives in their new house. But this monster is more human than he thought.

Short Movie (12 min) Language: English 

During the first night in his new house, Noah sees a monster. As his parents don’t believe him, Noah needs evidence. Noah catches the monster on camera, but when he watches it he sees his father beating up his mother. 

Research shows that many children growing up in abusive situations never actually realise they were abused until later in life. Their abuse manifests in unusual ways, either they themselves become the abuser or, in the case of The Boogeyman, as a child the abuser exhibits a foreboding monster and as an adult, the person becomes broken and a vessel for anxiety and depression that can even lead them to suicide. This is a topic The Boogeyman is trying to express, to reach out to the abused and to impact people to help those who are/have been abused.


Unfortunately, communication between people regarding domestic abuse is sparse. The Boogeyman aspires to open conversation and raise awareness to abused adults, that they may have unresolved issues and carry impacts later in life. The Boogeyman is a short film that can draw domestic abuse charities and companies to be affiliated with the project and can reach a wide audience, raising awareness of this awful yet common issue and inspiring people all over the world to offer support to abused families. The impact of The Boogeyman is to show the audience that with such an abusive attitude you can become the Boogeyman to your own child.

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