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When a lonely grandma faces the ignorance of her estranged granddaughter, she has to re-invent the wheel to uphold a long family tradition - making Chocolate Tronchetto together on Christmas Eve.

Short Movie (10 min) Language: Italian/English 

Synopsis: Franky, an energetic Italian grandma is organising the ingredients needed to bake the traditional Christmas “Chocolate Tronchetto” with her teenage granddaughter, Lily. When Lily finds out about her grandmother’s plans, she quickly finds an excuse to leave. Grandma starts looking for other ways to convince her granddaughter to bake together. 


- Isolation in the life over 70’

- Disconnection between generations (in particular grandparents and grandchild)

- Loneliness and depression in the elderly 

The Goal: I hope with this project to make people remember how important grandparents are and make them want to go back to their grandparents and spend valuable time with them. I also hope to raise awareness on a topic poorly treated by society. It would be an achievement to be able to create a project that reflects the sad reality that most elderly are trapped in, and be able to make people think deeper about how we can help our grandparents. 

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